Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez


Tony Lopez is one of RELM’s veteran designers. His hand and technical expertise have been instrumental in realizing many of the studio’s acclaimed landscapes including Wilshire Grand, Long Beach Airport and Santa Monica College Quad. An avid skateboarder, Tony has a deep appreciation for Los Angeles’ urban realm: its personality, its heart. Streets, alleyways and parks are his recreational domain. He brings this spatial understanding of the city to his work.  LA is a city of objects and cultural paradox.  He embraces this and through his experiences, seeks to create urban interventions that frame multi-layered experiences for the public to enjoy on foot, on bike, in a car, and at rest.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, California Polytech University, San Luis Obispo, 2005

‘One of the most gratifying moments for me as a landscape architect is when I see posts of places like Long Beach Airport with #home. I want people to adopt landscapes as their own.’