September 28, 2015

Meléndrez’s urban design team and the City of Glendale hosted the second tactical community workshop for the Space 134 Freeway Cap Park this past Saturday. If you missed it, check out the workshop highlights here:

The team “popped-up” a mini park and brought in the Mobile Mural Lab, where community members could draw their ideal park directly on to an ice-cream truck. The workshop activities brought the public up to speed about the team’s studies, answering questions, and gathering feedback on the design and amenities of the park.

Over 3/4s of attendees were highly supportive of the project. Attendees imagined Space 134’s potential as a valuable open space asset, providing opportunity in Downtown for walking trails, community space, restaurants, concert/event space, bike station and transportation amenities, nature park, fitness equipment, children’s play area, dog park, community garden and small-scale sports fields.

The event also addressed opportunities for transit, including rapid bus, bus rapid transit, and light rail transit. The team also discussed funding opportunities, using data of funding, operations, and earned revenue on other similar parks and suggested ways to fund the park.