May 18, 2015

Meléndrez is pleased to announce two new additions to the design team! Michelle Frier, Associate, and Abraham Sheppard, Urban Designer, have both recently joined the team and are already making significant impacts.

Michelle brings fourteen years of experience working at the intersection of landscape design and urban planning. Bringing a sensibility of large-scale scale urban connections and master planning, combined with attention to site-specific details, she creates spaces which seamlessly connect and interact with the surrounding environment. Michelle’s extensive experience managing transformative projects throughout the Los Angeles basin, facilitating and leading community workshops and focus groups, and site construction administration and observation, inform her approach to each project, creating a feasible space that the community cherishes and is able to be realized. She truly has a passion for art and high design in public spaces that accurately reflect the communities in which they reside.

Michelle is an active member of the Arts and Culture Committee for the Silver Lake neighborhood Council, Placemaking Leadership Council for the Project for Public Spaces, and a previous District Director and Land Use Co-Chair of Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.

Abraham brings a diverse background across a wide range of disciplines focusing on space and place planning. Working in both the public, private and non-profit sector throughout his career, he brings a full understanding of the planning process. His work includes mobility planning, bicycle planning and advocacy, historic planning, preservation and evaluation, and space planning and organization. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach incorporating the worlds of both policy and design, Abraham focuses on transit-oriented development, sustainability, and connections to nature. He believes wholly in garnishing community feedback to develop places that create livable and vibrant communities.

A biking advocate, Abraham relies solely on his bicycle and public transit to navigate around Los Angeles.