October 09, 2014

Melani Smith and Valerie Watson of LADOT led a walking tour today of the “Dress Rehearsal” improvements recently implemented on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. The event began at the Broadway entrance to Grand Central Market and continued down the length of the street to observe the ‘road diet’ changes and temporary curb extensions. At the end of the walking tour, the group gathered at Grand Central Market to dine and continue the conversation.

The innovative “Dress Rehearsal” implements parts of the Broadway Streetscape Master Plan (link to project page) in a cost-effective, pilot with a street surface treatment to extend the sidewalk, bollards, planters and movable furniture. This pilot implementation allowed for significant changes in the short term and also allows the team to observe and fine-tune the design before investment in permanent installation happens. The Broadway Streetscape Master Plan was championed by José Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway Streetscape Master Plan. In an effort to increase the viability and long-tern success of the Broadway theatre district, the plan focused on pedestrian-oriented, traffic-calming tools.