July 14, 2014

On July 14th, urban designers at Melendrez led the ‘West Long Beach Livability Implementation Plan’ team in a tour of the project area on the west side of Long Beach. The project team includes the City of Long Beach and the Port of Long Beach.

The purpose of the tour was to introduce and discuss various planning projects related to improving the livability of the area. Projects that are in progress or that have been planned in the study area.

The West Long Beach (Livability Implementation Plan) is a plan dedicated to prioritize various proposed planning projects based on their ability to increase overall livability of the West Long Beach community. The team will work together to refine existing projects and strategies that have been developed through previous planning efforts, identify existing and new funding mechanisms to implement projects and strategies, and develop an implementation program to transform the adopted concepts into reality.

The Plan will build on and complement these existing plans and ongoing planning and capital project activities including but not limited to the following plans:

  • Port of Long Beach Green Port Policy
  • Mobility Element
  • Community Livability Plan: 1-710 Corridor  Neighborhoods
  •  Long Beach RiverLink
  • The Yards Westside Plan
  • Open Space and Recreation Element
  • 2013-2121 Housing Element

To see photos from the bus tour please click here