April 17, 2014

Bixby Park is an iconic and historic park within Long Beach, with a breathtaking oceanfront view. The master plan of the park dates back to 1998. Meléndrez is leading a public process to update the plan to address its future, refresh the park and address neighborhood concerns. The park is uniquely divided into quadrants by four streets, resulting in disconnection between the different park areas, and barriers between the park and adjacent neighborhoods. This is one of the concerns of park goers. Other concerns relate to safety and security, an unwelcoming frontage along Broadway a major edge to the community, and an overall need for improvement of facilities.

To inform the planning process Meléndrez has developed an online survey asking community members about their concerns and hopes for the Park. Based on survey input and a first community workshop in April, Meléndrez has developed two proposals to explore the design and programming possibilities that will eventually inform the final plan. The “play” alternative adds sports courts, playground areas, and enhances the skate park. The “program” alternative closes a cut through street to connect two of the four quadrants, adding an acre of park area and new parking spaces. In addition, ideas in this design include nearly doubling the community center in size, creating a large open space for seating and gathering, and implementing a fitness loop that would circle the entire park.

The final community meeting will be held May 3 at 11:30AM.

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