September 11, 2014

Melani Smith participated today in the inaugural PALAPA (Professional Architect & Landscape Architect Practitioners Assembly) event focusing on enhancing Low Impact Development (LID) and LID permitting for practitioners. The forum brought together leadership from AIA|LA, APA-LA, ASLA and City of LA Bureau of Sanitation (LASAN) to highlight Los Angeles’ watershed needs, opportunities and constraints, and the utilization of storm water to achieve Low Impact Development (LID). The event took place at the Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center (ELC) at the Hyperion Treatment Plant (HTP).

Local architecture and landscape architecture leaders shared information focusing on Low Impact Design (LID) practices and One Water principles in a fun way. Using the Pecha-Kucha design presentation style, presenters gathered a 20 slide presentation and spoke to each slide for only 20 seconds. Opportunities and challenges were identified to demonstrate LID’s role for sustainable buildings and landscape design. After the presentations, participants gathered for an informal charrette to identify issues that need further resolution to further facilitate LID implementation. Melani provided a brief overview of LID projects at Melendrez over the past decade, starting with the Kaiser Ontario Hospital Campus, including significant projects at Santa Monica College, and concluding with our recent work to design Marsh Park on the Los Angeles River for the MRCA.