May 01, 2014

As Los Angeles County takes strides to move away from automobile dependency and towards multi-modal transportation through multiple initiatives, Metro has identified the need to make first and last mile access to stations easier and more comfortable, and recently adopted the First/Last Mile Strategic Plan & Planning Guidelines. The Plan is a blueprint for Metro and the region that lays out strategies to improve station access for all modes with an emphasis on walking, bus-riding connections, biking and other non-motorized and alternative-modes.

The plan recently won top honors, taking home the President’s Award, at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Annual Sustainability Awards. Meléndrez worked with IBI Group on the Plan, which outlines a specific improvement strategy designed to facilitate easy, safe, and efficient access to the Metro system. The Plan introduces a concept referred to as ‘the Pathway’, and provides direction on the layout of transit access networks and components within Metro Rail and fixed route Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station areas, such as identification of pathways to the stations, creative and safer amenities for bicycles, priority parking for environmentally-friendly vehicles, directional signage that points you to access points and destinations, trees and a place to sit in the shade while waiting for a ride. A graphic toolkit is included with a step-by-step approach for community partners to follow, making it easier to decide how best to prioritize improvements to station areas.

These planning guidelines serve as a resource for Metro and the many public and private organizations throughout the region working to update programs, land-use plans, planning guidelines, business models, entitlement processes, and other tools that take advantage of LA County’s significant investment in the public transportation network.

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