October 10, 2015

In early October Meléndrez Principal Melani Smith spoke at the ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco and Senior Designer Shannon Davis spoke at the APA California Conference in Oakland. Both talks drew great crowds and culminated in insightful questions provoking dialogue.

Real Estate Innovations Track From Dismal to Great: How Underperforming Commercial Corridors Are Crafting a Healthier, Better Connected Future

(ULI Fall Meeting) October 7, 9:30 am – 10:45 am

Melani Smith, Meléndrez Principal of Planning & Urban Design, moderated this panel that discussed re-envisioning urban and suburban arterials and corridors to create healthy places, with more housing, better transportation options, appealing land use patterns, and reinvigorated retail centers. The panel, which included representatives from each of the four corridors being studied nationally in ULI’s Healthy Corridors initiative, also included a representative from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the project’s funder.  Melani also spoke about her work leading the Local Working Group of ULI LA studying Van Nuys Blvd in Pacoima.

A link to a videotape of the panel is here:


A Cyclist, a Health Advocate and a Planner Walk into a Bar...The Power of Interdisciplinary Mobility Planning Today

(APA California conference) October 6, 9:45 am – 11:15 am

Panelist Shannon Davis, Meléndrez Senior Urban Planner/Designer, spoke at this session exploring the collaboration between professionals from planning, civil engineering, public health, and transportation to implement active transportation projects and programs in Long Beach, and how this model can be replicated throughout California.  Shannon’s talk focused on Meléndrez’s recent work leading development of the Livable West Long Beach Plan, as well as the community driven conceptual design of the Terminal Island Freeway Transition Plan – from freeway to local road and community open space buffer.

Moderator Ira Brown, Planner, City of Long Beach

Speakers Nathan Baird, Mobility and Healthy Living Programs Officer, City of Long Beach; Lara Turnbull, CHES, Project Coordinator Healthy Active Long Beach, City of Long Beach; Shannon Davis, Meléndrez, Urban Planner/Designer