June 12, 2014

Multiple Meléndrez projects are being honored at the APA LA Awards tonight at the Historic Los Angeles Theater on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles! Pop-Up MANGo, Broadway Streetscape Master Plan, Space 134, and Metro’s First Last Mile Strategic Plan & Planning Guidelines are all receiving awards in various categories. The event includes theater and walking tours, the award ceremony and reception.

Pop-Up MANGo is receiving the Award of Excellence in the Public Outreach category. The Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway (MANGo) project gathered public feedback through a variety of ways, including a festival/workshop/installation called Pop-Up MANGo. The event was the first of its kind within the region, temporarily transforming the street to demonstrate proposed changes, such as: traffic calming devices, traffic circles, chicanes, curb extensions, enhanced landscaping, mini-parks and places for neighbors to gather. The event gave citizens an opportunity to see and evaluate public realm improvements during the planning process, hands-on.

Broadway Streetscape Master Plan is receiving an Award of Merit in the Implementation, Large Jurisdiction category. The Master Plan provides a framework for streetscape and infrastructure improvements that will rehabilitate the street and enhance the pedestrian experience, support a thriving theater district, encourage life on the street to spur economic development, and celebrate the existing historic buildings and fabric. Currently the project is being implemented in a temporary pilot installation, which includes a reconfiguration of the six lanes of traffic into three lanes, enhancement of crosswalks, the addition of curbside parking to respond to business needs, and a "dress rehearsal" installation of sidewalk extensions delineated in the roadway with striping, special surfacing of the existing concrete roadbed, protection of these new pedestrian areas with bollards and planters, and street furnishings including movable tables, chairs and umbrellas.

Space 134 is receiving an Award of Merit in the Urban Design category. The Space 134 Vision looks at the potential for new open space immediately adjacent to the downtown Glendale core by capping the 134 Freeway between Central Avenue and Glendale Avenue and turning it into a 25-acre public space with active recreational uses, passive open space, event spaces and a regional transportation hub. The project has the potential to re-link north and south Glendale and repair the urban fabric that was ripped apart by the 134 Freeway while revitalizing highway-adjacent downtown communities and catalyzing new development and investment.

Metro’s First Last Mile Strategic Plan & Planning Guidelines is receiving an Award of Merit in Planning Best Practice category. The team led by IBI Group, in collaboration with Meléndrez and Alta Planning, looks to improve the first and last mile connections to and from the Metro Rail and BRT stations. By improving transit access and effectiveness, more people will likely opt-into public transportation which in turn will reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT’s) and green house gas emissions (GHG’s), integrate physical activity into daily commute patterns, and improve economic vitality by connecting people to regional markets.