May 03, 2014

See you today at the third and final Workshop for the Bixby Park Master Plan in Long Beach.  Today we will unveil the Master Plan concept for the park and work with the community to prioritize improvements.  For the past months, Melendrez has been working with the City of Long Beach and the Office of Councilmember Dr. Suja Lowenthal, DPD to update outdated Master Plan for Bixby Park, which is located east of Downtown Long Beach near the beach.  The park is beloved by the community, especially the Friends of Bixby Park, who have been working hard to maintain it, and champion improvements.  The long-term vision for the draft Master Plan includes expanding the park by closing 2nd Street, and introducing a permeably-paved shared-use parking lot to serve the community center. Other improvements include a fitness loop running track, sports courts, enhanced skate park and nature/ art playgrounds, and new multi-use arts and community spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

The whole park is tied together by its history.  A historic spine will be reestablished through the center of the park.  It will be marked by an entrance feature near the Broadway park edge, which will lead to a grand allee of trees, a restored picnic area for large gatherings evoking the large picnics in the park in the past, and a Bixby Mansion historically-themed ‘framed moment’ at the bluff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean, to be used for photo opportunities.  New signage will mark significant gateways to the park and wind through it calling out historically relevant events, planting and tree types.   The goal is to reinvigorate and improve existing park spaces and add new amenities for the community to enjoy!


See you there!

Workshop #3

Bixby Park Master Plan Update

Bixby Park

Saturday May 3, 2013

11:30 am – 1:30 pm