July 02, 2015

Meléndrez is pleased to announce that Huntington Park Revitalization Strategy, Pacific Boulevard was selected to receive the Award of Merit for Urban Design at the 2015 APA LA Awards! Thursday, June 25, the Meléndrez team joined the City of Huntington Park in accepting the award at the historic Alex Theatre in Glendale.

As part of an effort to revitalize Downtown Huntington Park, Meléndrez developed a Streetscape Plan for Pacific Boulevard, a historic commercial spine within the City. Once a route for Los Angeles' Red Car line, the wide right-of-way allows for an innovative central pedestrian promenade that enhances the pedestrian and cycling experience along the boulevard.

Following a 17-month process that included extensive surveys with stakeholders, design concepts presented to City Council, and an interactive on-the-ground community workshop, the new Pacific Boulevard Streetscape Plan centers around the reallocation and balance of modes along the corridor. The project envisions “Pacific Promenade”, a ramblas-style pedestrian esplanade down the center of the existing roadway that will expand the pedestrian right-of-way, accommodating a wide bike lane while still providing on-street parking and ample roadway space for vehicular traffic.

The Streetscape Plan focuses on the heart of Downtown Huntington Park, along the seven blocks of Pacific Boulevard between Florence Avenue and Slauson Avenue. The Boulevard is a major retail corridor, bustling with activity, shops, small restaurants, and cafes that draw visitors from local neighborhoods and surrounding cities. Pacific Boulevard is the third highest grossing commercial district in the County of Los Angeles.

The Plan is supportive of the restoration of Pacific Boulevard’s rich history and cultural significance, and seeks to expand the reach of the corridor’s existing commercial tenants. The Plan also includes a streetscape kit-of-parts, outlining a planting plan, lighting plan, paving strategy, branding elements, design guidelines, and a step-by-step phasing strategy.