March 12, 2014

Marsh Park, located in the Elysian Valley and adjacent to the Los Angeles River bike path, has plans for an expansion of the park. The new 3-acre site, which was an old asphalt lot, is undergoing a dramatic transformation. The expansion of the site is intended to complement the already existing Marsh Park as well as the Skate Park. 

Designed with the Los Angeles River bike path in mind, Marsh Park will become a destination for both pedestrians and cyclists alike. The park owners, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), wanted to insure, “[…] that these land are open for public access” says Jamie Cabral from the MRCA. Jamie also envisions that the park will act as a “gateway to the river”.

The new park amenities will attract park goers with improvements like new restroom facilities, outdoor classrooms, and even a “free play” meadow. MRCA has already programmed the park for campfires and other events throughout the summer, in conjunction with the Los Angeles River Recreation Zone, allowing access with the river itself. 

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