December 02, 2015

Green TI unanimously (9-0) passed tonight at the Long Beach City Council meeting! The conceptual plan completed by Meléndrez re-visions a one-mile stretch of the Terminal Island (TI) Freeway, a wide and polluted truck-thoroughfare, into a community-serving greenspace.

The project will showcase environmental best practices, marking the first freeway removal project in Southern California. The passing of the conceptual plan is the first step towards realizing the project with the next steps, such as traffic and environmental reports, outlined within the document.

The design vision for the new park is inspired by the Los Angeles River, which prior to channelization, was characterized by marshy lands and frequent flooding. The natural elements of the Los Angeles River are incorporated into the design through wetland areas that assist in occasional flooding due to the high water table of the area, and native planting. The space’s goal is to create a healthy green space for the West Long Beach community, and act as an environmental buffer to the neighboring port’s activities. Community gardens, education garden, skate area, plaza, nature play, outdoor classroom, and flexible open law are some of the elements proposed.




Full Plan