July 01, 2014

Principal Charles Anderson and Associate Kelly Majewski traveled to Athens, Greece last week for the Hellinikon press conference. The project spearheaded by Lamda Development includes plans to create a 200 hectare Metropolitan Park and mixed-use development including commercial, residential, seafront redevelopment, and tourist attractions. Working in collaboration with Foster + Partners, Doaxiadis+ and Arup, Meléndrez has been selected to complete the initial master plan for the Metropolitan Park as part of the first phase to the 10-25 year phased project.

The initial designs for the park create a diversity of spaces that pay homage to the rich history of the site while also taking advantage of the native plant palette of the region, capitalizing on the evolution of the seasons and the ecology of the site. The idea for the landform is to dig out a portion of the park, use the resulting earth to raise another portion of the park to create a varying topology, and keep the relative flatness of the existing airport intact. Two of the main pedestrian pathways through the park mirror the main airport and domestic airport runway lines, and a third diagonal line is introduced to create a triangular frame around the existing Olympic symbol. Throughout this framework are nine sections of the park with different themes and uses: the Olympic place/urban agriculture area includes space for a farmers market, an orchard and wheat field; the athletic area wraps around the water park and includes a coliseum, fields and recreational facilities; the nature area creates a place to discover and interact with nature through a permanent lake, ephemeral lake and picnic areas utilizing existing Olympic fields; the sculpture park creates a walking place with amazing art pieces; and the exhibition area is a large flexible green space meant for major gatherings.

The park will act as the center piece to the variety of developments planned throughout the site, creating pedestrian connections and giving people the opportunity to reconnect to nature, escaping from the bustling activity throughout the City. In place transportation creates an opportunity to get from any part of Athens to the space, creating a vital asset for the City that services all people. 


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