The designers at Meléndrez are passionate about transforming the urban environment, and improving quality of life, while upholding three core values: context, people, and impact. We believe that great design, informed by history, culture and people, and underpinned with environmental ethics, can result in artful, unique, site-specific, and well-crafted spaces that create tremendous value for clients and users. The firm was founded nearly three decades ago in Los Angeles, and today remains very engaged in the invigorated Downtown LA design and business community, while taking on projects around the globe.

Our Areas of Service

The breadth of our services, from upstream vision, policy, and planning at regional, community and neighborhood scales, through to site specific design and construction administration, enables us to bring a broad view, as well as a reality check, to each assignment we undertake. Our knowledge of native plants and natural systems is field-tested and thoughtfully employed to ensure that each design is appropriate to its place in the neighborhood, the city, and the region. We are also experts, assisting in getting our clients’ projects approved through our understanding of the technical and political issues related to development, as well as our excellent relationships with local City departments, elected officials, and community representatives.

Planning and Urban Design

  • Visioning
  • Public Outreach & Community Facilitation
  • Corridor Planning & Design
  • Master Plans, Specific Plans & Design Guidelines
  • Park & Open Space Visioning/Public Access Design
  • Streetscape & Multi-Modal Street Design
  • First/Last Mile Solutions
  • Grant Writing

Landscape Architecture

  • Civic & Cultural Facilities
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Mixed Use Urban Infill Projects
  • Corporate Offices
  • Parks, Recreation & Sports Facilities
  • Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Transit & Transportation